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Chronic Illness

Chronic or long-term illness (or injury) and its treatment lead to life changes. Psychological therapy can provide education and teach skills to assist with the adjustments needed to cope with these life changes. In particular:
  • to live with the physical effects of the illness (such as fatigue and pain)
  • to deal with the treatments (including planning and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits like exercise and eating well, and adhering to medical treatments
  • to communicate clearly with health professionals and in relationships
  • to cope with emotional distress
  • Pain

    While pain is a very common condition, it is also a very personal condition. Studies suggest that a person's outlook and the way they cope emotionally with long-term (chronic) pain can influence their quality of life. Psychological therapy can help support you and provide skills and strategies to manage the physical, emotional, behavioural and psychological effects of chronic pain. Understanding the causes of your pain can help reduce your fear and anxiety.

    Dealing with the stresses of chronic illness and pain can be demanding and puts extra pressure on you. It is important you speak to your doctor about your feelings and how effectively you think you are coping with the illness/pain and its treatment.

    Updated Jan 2016